Full Plate || Hungry Heart

I’m tired.  Tired of the rat race. Tired of putting my efforts into things that will fade away. As my plate fills up – with classes, due dates, work, bills… worries – I lose my appetite for it all. I am UNSATISFIED here in the fragmentation, the separation from our God. Everything in my soul […]

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Loose lips and lovely lies, spouting words of adoration. Hold your rose colored glass full of poison and wine, drink to young love and wasted time. Soon the sun will come and you will find, whats sweet to the ears is bitter inside

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Sweet agony- reminisce. beating hearts sweaty palms Fast paced blurs Running from reality Enraptured– ecstasy heavy limbs light hearts everywhere & nowhere transgressing time Civil war– my body bleeds Wisdom taunts freedom Youth falls victim to impending g r a v i t y

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